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Dr. Arvind Anil 

Dr. Arvind Anil is a celebrated Mridangam artist. He wears many hats as he is an Ayurvedic doctor by profession and a musician by passion. He has been trained in Mridangam for five years under the tutelage of Sri Muttara N Rajendran and has been practicing Mridangam for the last 10 years. He also received training in Carnatic Classical Vocals for eight years under Smt. Jyoti Balan. Dr Arvind and accompanied artists such as Padma Vibhushan late Pandit Jasraj, Veena Vidwan A. Ananthapadmanabhan, Sudeep Rai, Phani Narayanan, Sudha Ranjith and many more. Dr. Arvind is adept at other percussion instruments like the Darbuka, Djembe and Cajon.


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Foundation Course In Mrindagam

Learn the basics of Mridangam in a self-paced, three-month workshop

In the South Indian or Carnatic form of music, the Mridangam is considered to be the main percussion instrument. A common companion of vocalists, and Indian dance styles, the Mridangam has a distinct style and rhythm. There are around six distinct kinds of strokes that are combined to create a unique rhythmic language of music.